Packaging, sustainability, innovation and recycling are topical concepts that are currently very much in the spotlight. We see sustainable packaging development as a crucial link in a chain of many actors, and we take responsibility for our vision and ambition in that regard on a daily basis. Our aim is to make our range 100% recyclable by 2025.


1. Recycling: processing reground post-industrial or consumer waste in new film with the same properties as virgin materials.

2. Mono materials: development of films with materials that belong to the same polymer families and are therefore 100% recyclable. 

3. Downgauging: 25% to 30% reductions in foil thickness can often be achieved very quickly. We need to move away from the idea that thicker foil gives better results. 



We bring know-how and technology together to develop innovative applications that meet your expectations. We research other materials to develop thinner, recyclable and user-friendly packaging for your product.