In the oven...  

... or on the BBQ

Qbag™ provides the ideal solution for healthy and convenient cooking. It allows you to cook a wide range of dishes in the traditional en papillote style in a conventional oven and on the BBQ.

Qbag™ locks the flavors of your favorite food by retaining its moisture and succulence whilst cooking on a BBQ or in a conventional oven. The window, which also helps your food breathe, lets you keep an eye on the dish whilst it's cooking and you can peel it back to add ingredients, stir or even have a quick taste.  

PACKAS is the official Qbag™ distributor in the BENELUX. We are responsible for the industrial sales.
 > bulk packaging: per 1.000 pieces 

If you are interested in Qbag™ as a consumer or caterer, please contact our partner POINT-VIRGULE nv ( 

 > consumer packaging: per 8 pieces
 > catering packaging: per 100 pieces